Our goal is to fully satisfy our customers

The world of industrial cold has always been an old passion of Mister  Clemente da Costa.

Due to this passion, Mr. Clemente da Costa built in 1972 his first company, with his own name, in the heart of Lisbon. His aim was to fill certain lacks that existed in those days.

Later, in 1985 he built his second company - Fricol, Lda., owing to the expansion of Portuguese market. The company besides installing and assembling also possessed cold storage in several places.

As a response to the business growth, evolving on a natural but strong-based path the third firm of industrial frost was created by Mister Clemente da Costa in 1989. The Company call Friosãomarcos, Lda.. A decision had to be made weather the company would continue installing and mounting to third and would give the due guarantees, the respective assistance and maintenance to its customers, - or would only pass, as it came to succeed, to create proper refrigerating installations and making in exclusive refrigerating areas, maintenance and assistance.

We are a small typically familiar company who was born through the hands of Mr. Clemente da Costa, with the construction of refrigerating chambers (installations and assemblies for third), but nowadays we can claim the firm is more than a service rendering company that a firm that constructs refrigerating chambers. Despicte this fact to serve our costumers we never exclude the possibility of building bigger and better refrigerating chambers.

The Friosãomarcos has at your disposal more than 25 multipurpose refrigerating chambers (freeze -positive temperatures and frozen - negative temperatures) with volumes since the 35 cubical meters until 9,000 cubical meters, equipped with lectern fix and mobile, 4 machines of ice production in cube, scale and bar, several antechambers with electrum-hydraulic slopes for adjustment of the refrigerating vehicles, parking parks for all types of vehicles and offices for lease.